Weather & Work in Singapore

To paraphrase Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam, Singapore is ‘HOT and WET. That’s nice if you’re with a lady, but ain’t no good if you’re in the jungle…’. Practically on the equator, Singapore’s temperature never drops below 20°C, usually climbing to 30°C during the day. Rainfall and humidity are steady year-round. Rain arrives in torrential downpours, but is soon replaced by sunshine. It may rain every day during the wet season, but it rarely rains all day. The wettest months are November to January, the driest May to July.

Singapore has a large expatriate European/US community, a reflection of the large representation of overseas companies here. The vacancies pages of the Straits Times are often crammed with job notices, mostly for domestic servants and unskilled labourers.
If you’re looking for work, business experience, economic training and easily marketable job skills are a bonus – do the rounds of companies that might be interested. It’s become fashionable for restaurants serving Western food to employ Westerners – some travellers have picked up temporary work as waiters. Contact Singapore ( has job postings.